At Rideminded, you’ll find a range of drift trike front wheels from Triad. The Cartel wheel has a squared sidewall for improved stopping power. Or, if you opt for the Dynasty wheel, you’ll get a smooth ride with its sealed bearings.

No matter whether you’re riding professionally or just for fun, you’ll need a good set of wheels. They’re the most essential part of any drift trike to get right. And, with Rideminded, you can be confident that your drift trike front wheels will be high-quality.

The Triad team have a combination of 20 years manufacturing experience. They make scooters for riders, by riders. In fact, they’ve collaborated with influential riders like Brendon Smith and Billy Watts. That’s why we stock their drift trike front wheels, because riders are at the heart of everything they do.

With a drift trike, the front wheel is large, whereas the two rear wheels are smaller. They work together to create a smooth and fun riding experience. Not sure what combination you need for your drift trike? Get in touch and our team will be able to assist with your setup.