Synonymous with the popular brand Rocker (RKR), mini BMX bikes are small versions of regular BMX bikes. They have chunky 10” wheels and miniature parts except for the regular sized BMX handlebars.

You’ll have a lot of fun on a mini BMX bike. They’re lightweight, have great handling and can handle adult sized abuse. The small size and low centre of gravity makes them ideal for learning tricks to progress to a regular size BMX bike.

Mini BMX bikes function just like regular 20” BMX bikes. You can ride them at the skatepark, on the street or at your local trails. Impress your friends when you’re throwing down sick tricks, but make sure to remember your helmet and pads.

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We stock mini BMX bikes from top brands in a stylish selection of colours and styles. They all have great components for lasting quality.

Whatever your age, you’ll enjoy riding a mini BMX bike. They were designed by BMX riders to be ridden by everyone, beginners and pros alike.

Get your mini BMX today and get creative. Who knows, maybe you’ll land a world-first trick. Our affordable models are accessible to everyone. They don’t come with brakes though, so you’ll have to learn to stop like a pro street rider.

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