With a big front wheel for steering and two low traction rear wheels, drifting is an inevitability.

We stock pro drift trikes from top brands, including Triad. These high performing drift machines are ready for racing and intense drifting adventures straight out of the box. With durable designs, you can really put these big wheel drift trikes through their paces, and they’ll come out on top.

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There aren’t many things as cool as a drift trike. Our high performance trikes come from the best brands. Offering a smooth drifting experience on whatever terrain you ride.

No matter what speed you’re going, these pro drift trikes feel firm and steady. The solid components don’t buckle under pressure. Our sturdy designs are able to handle any bumps and rocks you encounter.

We also have maneuverable drift trike designs that are perfect for tricks. Some of them have foot stands on the back so you can ride them like a scooter.

Our drift trikes have comfortable bucket seats with positioning that you can adjust for your height. Moreover, we stock custom seats if you’re looking for an even more comfortable or sleek ride.

Pro drift trikes have high quality freehub front wheels like a bike that you can customise. There are also a range of back wheel style types depending on your performance needs. With high quality brakes, controlling the speed of your trike won’t be an issue either.

With a range of unique styles and stunning aesthetics to choose from, we’re sure there’s a trike in our range that you’ll love.

From entry level, to competition standard, our affordable pro drift trikes come with 10% off if it’s your first order with us.

Get out on your drift trike today, but don’t forget your helmet!

Want to make your pro drift trike even cooler? Why not customise it with custom front wheels, rear wheels, seats, forks and tires. Need any more advice on the right trike for you? Get in touch! If you’re looking for a drift trike for a little one, check out our kids drift trikes.