If you have a good grip on your handlebars, you’ll be able to execute moves knowing that your hands will stay safely on the bars. Not only that, the right grip can make your ride more comfortable.

Grips are usually made of rubber or foam. This helps you to maintain grip on the bars and, as a result, more control over your scooter. This means you can perform at your best without worrying about your hands slipping.

They’re also a fun way to personalise your setup. At Rideminded, you can find lots of colours and designs to choose from. Alternatively, we have all-black options if you’re looking for something more sleek.

Included in our stunt scooter grips are bar end plugs, which help you close off the sides of your scooter. They’re easy to apply and add that finishing touch.

Struggling to get your grips on the bar? To ensure your grips are mounted without any hassle, you can use a fast evaporative liquid, like alcogel or window cleaner. As a result, they’ll slide right on with little friction.

Not sure which grips are best for you and your ride? Get in touch and a member of our team will be able to help. We can advise on which products to buy, how to set up your scooter and any general tips and tricks.