Clamps connect your bar and fork together so they don’t move when you’re riding. They also ensure your bar and wheel follow the same direction. Essentially, they give you confidence that your setup is as safe and responsive as possible.

At Rideminded, you’ll find a range of stunt scooter clamps to match the rest of your ride. As well as forming an integral part of your setup, they can also be personalised to your unique style. There are lots of colours and varieties to choose from, including black, chrome silver and neo-chrome options.

There are a few important things to consider before buying a clamp. First, it needs to match your compression system: IHC (Internal Hidden Compression), HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) or SCS (Standard Compression System). If this doesn’t match, the clamp won’t work properly, potentially leading to damage.

There are also single, double, triple and quad clamps available. If your bar is designed for a double clamp, don’t attempt to use a triple or quad version, or you could permanently destroy the bar.

Finally, there are two sizes available: one for standard bars (31.8 mm fit) and another for oversized bars (34.9 mm fit).

If you’ve never built a scooter before, or need some help choosing the right stunt scooter clamp, get in touch and our team will be happy to help