The OG brand urbanArtt has recently made its return and has brought with it a whole host of new and exciting products for all of us to get hyped about!

urbanArtt were most well known for their innovation as a street / park hybrid scooter brand, producing products that catered to a wide range of riders and styles.

Now fronted by the legendary Max Peters, it looks like this vision has been reignited and urbanArtt is back to make waves.

Among these products are the UA Civic Wheels which have brought a totally fresh and new design to the table. Forged, 6-spoke, 6061-T6 Aluminum wheel cores help these newcomers stand out on the shop front, while a well-balanced 88A, super high rebound urethane mix, kit them out for riding both park and street terrains.

Because of urbanArtt’s continued focus on both park and street riding, these scooter wheels come in two sizes; 110mm x 24mm and 115mm x 30mm meaning that no matter your style, there is something in the urbanArtt product line for you.

Coming in at £79.99 for a pair, the UA Civic wheels sit at a solid price point for their market position as top end wheels with the designers looking toward the future of scootering, designing both sizes to feature a 24mm core, maximising compatibility.

Weight of parts has become increasingly important amongst riders and urbanArtt have listened, creating the UA Civic wheel core using full CNC, two-piece hollow core technology, rather than a traditional extrusion, which has allowed urbanArtt to create a sturdy, lightweight wheel that is by no means slacking in the style department.

Speaking of style, this scooter wheel range comes in 6 eye catching colourways, Black/Arctic Blue, Black/Army Green, Black/Autumn Red, Black/Black, Black/Gum and Black/Raw, ensuring that no matter your custom ride, there’s a UA Civic wheel that caters to your creative needs. We love seeing your custom build creations so make sure you tag us in any photos to be featured on out Instagram feed.  

These scooter wheels come equipped with urbanArtt’s very own lateral bearings which provide a swift and smooth ride, having been tested by the likes of Max Peters, Beau Wing and Kayden Bewley, you know full well that they are up to task.

As a brand focused on the future, urbanArtt have embraced sustainability and now provide their product in fully recyclable packaging which, while being environmentally friendly, also happens to be a minimalist’s dream. The wheels are secured to the cardboard backing with an axel which you could use on your setup, and if you do not need it right away its always great to have a spare!

In all, these scooter wheels strike a solid balance between speed, weight, strength, and durability, adding in a unique look for good measure. The UA Civic wheels are well worth the asking price and, whether you are a park or street rider, these scooter wheels should most certainly be up there on your radar!