Has your child been inspired to start learning stunts and tricks? If they’re looking to get into the sport, the first thing they need is a ride that’s appropriate for their age, size and level of experience. In particular, if you’re buying a kids stunt scooter, then you want to make sure it’s going to be safe when they try out moves for the first time.

Compared to regular scooters, stunt scooters are designed specifically for doing tricks, either at a skate park or on the roads. This means that there are lots of other factors to consider before buying your setup. Are the wheels an appropriate size? Is the deck made out of the right material? Will it be too big or too small for your height?

In short, there are lots of questions that need answering before you spend your money on a ride. In this blog post, you’ll find our top recommendations for beginner stunt scooters. This way, you’ll save time doing the research yourself, and be comfortable in the knowledge that the scooter is appropriate for your child.

If you’d like more information, however, we’ve included a guide to what you need to look out for, so you can do your own research. There are also answers to some frequently asked questions, giving you everything you need to make an informed decision before selecting your scooter. Happy riding!

1. Invert Supreme Mini 1-4-8 (Ages 4-8)

The Invert Supreme 1-4-8 mini model is just like standard Invert scooters, but much smaller. This makes it the perfect introductory scooter for children aged 4-8. It comes in a cool neon design, so your little one will stand out from the crowd (in the best way!).

The deck is made from aluminium, making it durable and lightweight, and has an ABEC rating of 7 for a soft and smooth ride. It’s designed specifically for the skatepark, but can also be used on the roads too.

2. Triad Psychic Delinquent Mini Scooter (Ages 5-9)

The Triad Psychic Delinquent mini scooter is both lightweight and robust, making it a good introductory model. It’ll catch your child’s eye with its fun design, which features a blue and purple goblin. It’s a unique statement piece they can show to their friends!

The Aluminium Smuggler bars reduce weight and make it easier to pull off impressive moves. They’re slightly oversized, which is why they’re appropriate for children aged 5 and above rather than younger riders.

3. Sullivan Antic (Ages 7-12)

Not only is the Sullivan Antic perfect for the school run, it’s an ideal scooter for a beginner looking to start learning tricks at the skate park too. The TPR grips allow your child to hold onto the bar safely whilst in the air, and 86A polyurethane wheels create a smooth riding experience.

The neo design is sure to turn heads - great if you want to stand out from the crowd. This nifty little setup comes with front and rear deck caps, which smooth out any sharp edges, plus a powerful break to help children stop quickly.

4. Invert Supreme 1-7-12 (Ages 7-12)

This Invert Supreme scooter comes in a fun neo and black design. The 110 mm wheels are perfect for beginners, as small wheels make doing tricks much simpler. They’re also made from 86A Poly Urethene - a strong and sturdy material that will help your wheels last that extra mile.

The deck is made of 6061-T6 aluminium, meaning the scooter is durable yet lightweight. This is ideal for stunt scooters, because it makes doing tricks easier whilst also ensuring the scooter doesn’t get damaged.

5. Sullivan Hi Jinx Dirt Scooter (Ages 7-12)

The Sullivan Hi Jinx Dirt Scooter can be used on lots of different terrains. It performs well on paths, in the skatepark or cutting through the park, meaning you’ll have a great experience - no matter where you prefer to ride.

The neo chrome finish is visually striking but also hard wearing, too, meaning durability hasn’t been sacrificed in the name of style. This is a dirt scooter, so it’s great for off road adventures as well as the school run.

6. Sullivan Resolute (7-12 Years)

This deck is made from heat treated 6061 aluminium, making it extra hard wearing. But it isn’t clunky - aluminium is lightweight, so children will be able to advance their tricks quickly. The grips are super soft ribbed, offering both comfort and safety whilst performing stunts.

The Sullivan Resolute scooter is aimed at children aged 7-12. The handlebar height is 22.8”/580 mm, so make sure to measure yourself before making a purchase. This way, you’ll enjoy maximum comfort.

7. Invert Supreme Taunt Dirt Scooter (8+ Years)

Transfer park skills to the dirt track with this Invert Supreme Taunt dirt scooter. It’s all-terrain - AKA designed to handle anything - and ideal for pump tracks and dirt jump trails.

It comes with pneumatic tyres (60PSI) with ABEC 9 bearings, getting you shredding off road in no time. You’ll find everything you need in the box - complete scooter, manual, tools - to get you started with your beginner setup.

What to Consider When Buying a Beginner Stunt Scooter

When buying a beginner stunt scooter, there are lots of factors to take into consideration like height, material, wheels and more. If you’re unsure what to look out for, below are five things to check before completing your purchase. As a result, your child will end up with a scooter that’s age-appropriate and ideal for them to start learning.


Unlike many regular scooters - especially those designed for children - stunt scooters can’t be adjusted and are non-foldable. That means it’s crucial to match the scooter with the height of the rider, as this can’t be altered. Getting the right size is important to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable riding experience.

Most people buy a scooter with handlebars that sit at a comfortable level. More advanced riders may choose bars that are a little higher, so they can perform high-level tricks, but we wouldn’t recommend this until your child has more experience.

Before purchasing your setup, measure your child and look at the specifications for the scooter to ensure the height is appropriate. It will likely say in the description the age range that it’s suitable for.


Stunt scooters need to be made of resistant materials if the rider is going to be performing tricks and stunts. If you’re a beginner, you’re more likely to make mistakes and learn through trial and error. That means your ride needs to be able to withstand any bumps and scrapes. Not only that, the material needs to be lightweight, so moves can be performed more easily.

Usually, stunt scooters are made from steel or aluminium. For beginners, we recommend choosing a deck, handlebars, forks and clamps that are made of aluminium. This is because it’s both durable and lightweight, making it perfect for someone just starting out.


The wheels need to be durable and able to withstand the pressure of performing stunts. Typically, we recommend Polyurethane (PU) wheels with a metal core, usually made of aluminium. In terms of size, the wheels should be between 100-120 mm on the front and rear.

Wheels often come with an ABEC rating, which is measured by the noise created by the bearing, with a quieter bearing being preferable. The most common ratings are ABEC 5, 7 or 9, with a higher rating denoting a smoother ride. Some brands may have their own measurements for this, however, so don’t be alarmed if this rating isn’t included.

Safety Features

As well as equipping your child with a kids scooter helmet and knee and elbow pads, you should consider the safety features of the ride itself, too. Look out for a rear brake that’s strong and easy to use, which will help any beginner as they become more confident going at higher speeds.


Riding isn’t just about the tricks and stunts - it’s about the lifestyle and aesthetic, too! There are so many fun designs to choose from. If you’re buying for a child, you can find many colourful options for their first setup.

Alternatively, if you think they’d prefer something more sleek, there are more muted options available. After all, a big part of getting your first trick scooter is personalising it to your own unique style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of scooter is best for tricks?

The best type of scooter for tricks is a stunt scooter. Standard scooters are ideal for commuting, for example, but are usually too large and/or heavy to perform tricks, especially at an advanced level. Opt for a stunt scooter if you’re looking to head down to the sake park.

What is a good weight for a stunt scooter?

Typically, stunt scooters weight between 3.4 and 4.5 kg. This is because they need to be lighter than standard scooters, as they’re designed to perform complex manoeuvres. Lighter scooters are easier to manipulate and move around, making them ideal for children.

We hope you find this guide to choosing stunt scooters for beginners useful! If you’d like to look at other options for kids scooters, there are tri scooters and terra firma options available at Rideminded too.

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